In their presence, you find true belonging. Let me capture these cherished moments and preserve your bond forever.

Photo Sessions

I understand what it's like to love a cat beyond words.  That's why I offer personalized photo sessions for you and your darlings, conveying in images what words cannot. 

Whether the photos feature just the cat or include you as well, these sessions are tailored to your preferences.  Either way my goal is the same: to capture the deep love you have for your cat/s, ensuring your memory of them will be soulfully preserved through the art of photography.

Sessions are typically conducted at your home or wherever your feline/s feel most relaxed, providing a comfortable setting that allows me to illustrate what you love about them most: their individualistic, expressive nature.

What To Expect During A Session With Me

For a successful photo session, your cat needs to be comfortable with my presence. During my visit, I will closely observe for any signs of stress or anxiety in your cat. If either of us notices any distress, we will pause the session and give your cat the time and space to settle down. I do not rush my photo sessions; we will spend a reasonable amount of time together so I can capture the perfect images.

In the unlikely event that a session isn’t working because a cat simply isn’t in the mood, we will reschedule. I will never ask you to force your cat to do anything she doesn’t want to do. With respect to the colorful personalities of our feline subjects, each booking includes up to two complimentary redos if they are needed.  Additional re-bookings after the complimentary ones will be offered at half the cost of a regular session, though needing more is highly unlikely. This policy ensures you can feel confident in the value of your investment. 

Single Cat Household: $100


  • Pre-session consultation
  • Gallery of (at minimum) 15 professional digital images

Two Cat Household: $150


  • Pre-session consultation
  • Gallery of (at minimum) 15 professional digital images of each cat

Multi Cat Household: $150+, please send me a message  

For homes with more than two cats, we will create a custom package that still includes the basics (consultation and gallery of digital images), though we may need to break the sessions up into more than one visit depending on your goals.  For example, if you would like photos of each cat individually as well as playful shots of them interacting with one another.  

Please note that a travel fee may apply for sessions located outside of Lee County, FL. 

As a dedicated cat advocate and passionate amateur photographer, I strive to keep my rates low, and therefore accessible to all.  I also provide my services to support cat rescues and non-profit organizations, aiming to boost adoptions and raise awareness through compelling photography and social media coverage. If this is relevant to you, let's connect to discuss the details.

Ready to book?  Have more questions?

Reach out via the contact form to start a conversation with me. Please include your zip code and preferred date or date range in your message.  I can't wait to hear from you! =^.^=

Cat Photo Galleries

Gallery 1:
Soul of a Cat

I have a growing longing for cats to be truly seen, heard, and felt. The more time I spend with them, the more I realize that so much of our shared "common knowledge" about cats and correlating stereotypes is flawed, which has led to endangering both their emotional and physical well being. Struck by this profound disconnect between the truth and such widespread misconceptions, even by those who love them, I needed to find a way that I could work not just with cats, but for them.

Each image in the 'Soul of a Cat' series showcases the feline allure, while the captions confront myths and transform perceptions.  My hope is that you feel an unraveling tug on the fibers of our social norms, promoting a deeper understanding and respect for these animals. 

In its essence, this project is simply about correcting outdated misinformation and helping humans reshape how we think, speak about, and interact with cats. What remains is a body of work where portraiture meets advocacy.

Soul Of A Cat

Gallery 2:

Coming soon!

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