Hey, I'm Gem!

The human behind all of these cat photos.

A photographer is someone who is always seeking out the savory qualities in everything they see, and what that means to each of us is deeply personal. For me, it's about preserving the charm of a moment or a scene simply so that I can share it with someone else.  I believe that moments gain significance when they are shared, and their impact is amplified when they are not experienced in isolation.

There's a well known quote from photographer Daido Moriyama where he describes a photograph as a "fossil of light and time." Whether I’m framing an old building, capturing the expanse of a landscape, or focusing on the delicate whiskers of a cat, I'm always aware that each moment is fleeting, and transforming beyond our control.

The tides rewrite the coastlines daily, paint peels off the old barn, and our beloved cats, who feel like they’ll be with us forever, are only here for a short while. These truths compel me to explore the world with my camera, creating the galleries you see here.

A significant part of my work is dedicated to being a fierce advocate for our feline friends. My love for cats is deeply integrated into both my life and my photography. I offer my services to support cat rescues and non-profits, capturing images that help boost adoptions and raise awareness about the misunderstood nuances of cat behavior. Additionally, I provide in-home portrait sessions for those who want to cherish beautiful images of their cats as family heirlooms. You can learn more about cat photo sessions here.

Cats aside, visual storytelling for commercial clients is my core subject matter.  Local businesses can benefit from my current portfolio-building phase, during which I am offering accessible, entry-level rates (including donation-based services) and quick turnaround times. Partner with me for all your business photography needs: marketing and branding campaigns, corporate events, product images, or any specialty photography services you may require.

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